Well, hello there…

Hi, Y’all!!!

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to visit.  I hope you can stay a minute or two, grab a cup of coffee, a piece (or two) of chocolate, kick your feet up, and be prepared to laugh and cry at my crazy antics!

So, who am I?  Well, I’m Mitzi, the daughter of a farmer and the most God-fearing and loving woman I know who somehow married a city boy.  I grew up in a very small town in Northwest Arkansas with a wonderful family.  I’m the oldest of two younger brothers and still take my role as big sister very seriously.   In 2009, I married the greatest guy, Travis, who somehow for the past 8 years has put up with all my whims and fancies, spoiled me, and given in to most all of my harebrained ideas.  We are the proud fur parents of a 9-year-old Shih Tzu, LuLu, who is spoiled rotten and goes with my husband to work every day.   She refuses to eat dog food (don’t judge), expects a toy or treat to come out of every plastic bag, and thinks we’re her pets.

In June, the dear husband gave in to my latest harebrained idea of building our own forever home on my family’s farm!  It sounded like a great idea at the time!  Well, we have absolutely NO IDEA what we’re doing, but we saw a video on YouTube of a lady and her kids who built their own home, so if she can do it, then why can’t we!!!  It does help that my Dad is pretty much a genius and can do almost everything.

When I’m not coming up with outlandish ideas, I’m a school-based Speech-Language Pathologist where I do therapy in the same therapy room I had speech in when I was in elementary school!  It’s also one of my Dad’s elementary classrooms!  Not much has changed with my room except the clown curtains are gone, the chalkboard is now a marker board, and I have some awesome new cabinets.  I absolutely love my job and feel that God has led me here.  Helping a child find his voice is one of the most rewarding jobs you could have.

Now that you know who I am you’re probably wondering, “What is this silly girl thinkin’?”  I’ve had the blog name “Straight Missteps” floating around in my head since June 2011, but haven’t ever done anything with it.  I started a blog on Blogspot, but that’s where it ended.  Dead on arrival.  Somehow, those two words keep coming back to me.  My wonderful mother has always said, “If you can’t get it out of your head then, it’s God.”  Well, God, it’s me and I hear ya-6 years later!  I never felt like I had anything worth writing about or, more importantly, anything worth reading.  Well, over the past several years, a lot of life changes have been going on and I heard on the radio last week, “Don’t hide the dark parts of your story because the part where He brought you through is what the world needs to hear.”  Over five years ago, we started our journey to human parenthood, even though the fur baby will NOT be happy with a human, and there have been some hiccups along the way.  I’ve come to realize my story is not my story, but God’s story and if someone else can find a glimmer of hope in my silly words then, maybe just maybe, I’ve lived a life worth living.

So, now that you know a little of my backstory you’re probably thinking why should I stick around?  Well, I hope you can find some humor in my ramblings, some insight into life, and some encouragement for your own journey.  You see, we’re all on this journey together and it’s my prayer that your journey ends in the same place as mine.  So, go refill that coffee cup, I’m sure it’s either empty or cold by now since, I’ve talked your ear off.   Sit back and enjoy this blog journey with me as we go through the struggles of infertility, homebuilding, and moving my city husband to the farm.  I’m afraid we’re in for a wild ride.


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