Where Did 10 Years Go?

August 29, 2009 we said our vows in front of all our friends and family. That was just the beginning. Neither one of us knew what this thing called marriage was going to bring us-we just had us, lots of love, and a one year old Shih Tzu who ruled continues to rule the roost. But, we knew giving up was never an option and no matter how many curve balls life would throw us in the future we would be hitting, dodging, or catching them together. With each day, month, and year I’ve grown to love you more. With each trial, I’ve learned how much I can lean on you. With each celebration, I’ve realized that there’s no one else I’d rather share the joys with.

2009-We started this thing called marriage.

2010-Our first Heithaus Family Vacay together to Cabo.

2011-The first great flood we had at TRL. Texas trip for Camille and Elizabeth’s wedding!

2012-Started with a bang! Leap Year Tornado, lived with friends for two weeks, hotel for two weeks, Germany for a week, and a camper for a year in my parents yard. And, we finished the summer with an awesome cruise!

2013-Sold your first home in Springfield. My surgery that ended up being the start to our infertility journey. We lost our best friend. 💔And, after a looooong year the condo renovations were completed! We finally got to move back home.

2014-From a bad haircut for you in Jamaica, which left us with no pictures of the two of us😂, to LuLu’s first (and last) airplane ride to Las Vegas!!!

2015-Germany trip 2!

2016-Bonfires, BBQs, and Boats. Our first trip to STL for doctors appointments. Our first Reproductive Endocrinologist. Tests on Halloween that were no treat. And, our first failed IUI.

2017-Broke ground on our home! The Great Flood at TRL that closed the bridge. Indianapolis. We bought a boat. New Orleans. You got kissed by Paula Dean while all I got was a cookbook and a picture 😂 Jamaica trip #2 and coming home to a broken window in the truck.

2018-New fertility doctor. Countless trips to STL for fertility treatments. A failed IVF cycle. 💔Baltimore. Canada. D.C. Finished phase one of our forever home ❤️

2019-Started the year at the cross. A great visit from Grandma Mary. Philadelphia. We survived Punta Cana. And, we’ve made it to our 10th anniversary.

10 years has brought us so many memories! Lots of trips, lots of laughs, and some tears. But, always, always more smiles than tears. Thank you for loving me and being my memory maker! Happy 10th Anniversary!

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