One month…

Today marks one month since my first blog post. Woohoo!!! Time has flown! In the past month, we’ve made progress on our home. Travis has been digging our water lines, electric lines, and septic lines. He’s framed some more walls and we now have our windows and doors in! He’s been busy!!! Our fur baby, LuLu, is spending the weekend at the vet. She had surgery yesterday to remove some tumors. Thanksgiving happened somewhere in the middle of all the other daily living. We had our third unsuccessful IUI and are heading back to another baby making appointment this week. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the fourth time is the charm!!!

But, you want to know a little secret? In the past month, I’ve made several posts, but I’ve not shared with anyone that I’ve even started my blog. Not my husband, not my mother, not my dearest and closest friends. Insecurity hides itself in anxiety. I’ve put my words out here for the world to see, but I become gripped with fear at the mere mention of telling those closest to me. What will they think? Do my words even matter? Does anyone even care to read my blog? Then, I remember—

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

-Philippians 4:6

You would think insecurity would vanish as you grow older, but somehow I think mine has grown stronger. But, my story is not my story. It’s God’s story and this story that I’m walking is designed to bring a greater glory to Him. My words are important to the One who matters. He desires to know us. He wants to listen to us. He hears our prayers and pleas.

So, Happy One Month Blogiversary to me! Maybe, in the next month I’ll find a little courage to at least tell my dear husband that I’m telling the world our secrets, haha!


P.S.  If you’re a fellow infertility sister, I’d love to hear your story and add you to my prayer list.  Infertility is lonely in world full of babies so, it’s nice knowing you’re not alone.

P.P.S. If you’re a fellow sister suffering from insecurity and anxiety, I want you to know that you have a listening ear here. You’re story is welcome here.

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